Abortion recovery counseling

FREE abortion recovery counseling


AAbortion is a complex social problem and, at the same time, an intense personal experience for the majority of women. It also raises a lot of tension from different positions on human life: moral belief systems, perspectives over human development, human identity, family structure and function, human interaction and trust for the future.


Many women who had undergone an abortion choose to avoid talking about it out of fear of awakening deep-buried feelings, memories and second-thoughts.

In contrast, by taking part in abortion recovery counseling you will be freed to bring forward all the areas of your life that need healing, to receive or give forgiveness, to learn to accept and live with your past and its consequences. Thus, it will help you live your life with a new understanding and, perhaps, maturity.

Have you experienced an abortion? Has it happened to you to frequently relieve your experience in such a way that the pain and anguish of the abortion have affected your everyday life and relationships?
With us you can find a counselor who can help you heal that trauma in a safe environment with unconditional confidentiality.

For appointments or to find out additional information please contact us by phone at 0748/127.021 and 0264/431891 or by email at provitacj@clicknet.ro.