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Donate for life!

If you share our values and believe that every child’s life is valuable, regardless of where they are in their developmental process, join our work:

  • you can be a volunteer
  • be part of the team that works with people who face unplanned pregnancies or are pressured to get involved in sexual relationships
  • donate various goods that are necessary to a mother and her baby
  • support our work financially

You can support our work financially by making a donation at our headquarters on
Teodor Mihali Street, no. 38-40, Cluj-Napoca, 400591

or by bank transfer, using the following bank accounts:

Fundatia Clinica Pro VITA

RO17BTRL01302205R8331900 – Banca Transilvania Cluj, for USD


USD Wishlist Code
300$ 1. Cost of rent for a single mother RENT
40$ 2. Cost of weekly groceries for a single mother family GROCERIES
25$ 3. Cost of monthly baby formula FORMULA
60.000$ total (or any amount) 4. Partner with us for a better ultrasound machine – helps persuade mothers about their unborn baby ULTRASOUND
8.000.000$ total (or any amount) 5. Partner with us to build a pro-life hospital in Cluj-Napoca HOSPITAL

Note*: If you want to make a specific donation, please use the provided code in the description of your donation!

Thank you for being a life giver!

About Clinica pro-vita:

  • Came into existence 1998
  • We have counselled over 35000 clients
  • Over 800 of baby were saved from abortion
  • Thousand of youth were encouraged to live according to the biblical sexuality.
  • We have helped multiple CPC in the start up process with trainings and support.
  • We have trained hundreds of volunteers to become Pro-life counselers.
  • We trained pastors and community  leaders to take a stand for life in their daily work.
  • We have organised the first march for life in Romania in 2006, and every year after that together with other organisations.
  • We where part of “ 40 days for life” campaigns.