Testimony of Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli was close to be a number of statistics: the doctors recommended his mother to have an abortion, because Andrea was about to be born with a defect. She refused, however. One can just ask: How would our world be without the voice of the famous musical artist?


Testimony of Gianei Jessen

Giana Jessen was born alive after an abortion with saline substances. Her biological mother was 17 years old and was 30 weeks pregnant when she decided to have an abortion. However, despite the introduction in the placenta of a saline substance that would end her life, Giana was born alive, but with multiple disabilities. Then she was adopted and with patience and perseverance managed to overcome many obstacles and live a normal life now.


Pam Stenzel

Pam Stenzel travels around the world and interacts with young people talking them about issues related to sexuality and the importance of abstinence. Her message is based on her know-how: she was born after her mother got pregnant after being raped at 17 years old and Pam was given up for adoption at 5 months of age.


Break the Silence testimonies

Abortion is a complex human problem, a very intense personal experience for most women and most often leaves deep scars. Many women prefer to avoid the subject for fear of reawakening strong feelings or dangerous and uncertain reconsideration. A few young brave women chose to expose their story and talk about the hidden pain of abortion.




Sexual abstinence education program for teenagers

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Numerous studies show that there is a close connection between sexual abstinence before marriage and family life satisfaction. Specifically, adolescents and adults who abstain from sex before marriage have more chances to enjoy a strong bond among family and convey a set of values to the ​​children they will have.

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