About us

The Clinica Pro Vita Foundation

The Clinica Pro Vita Foundation is a counseling centre which serves women who deal with an unplanned pregnancy, pregnancy loss, or the repercussions of an abortion. We are also involved in the education of the young generation by encouraging a healthy and responsible perspective on sexual intimacy.

We believe that each life is valuable during all their development stages and despite someone’s planning wishes.
We believe each life is unique with its on immeasurable potential and value. Therefore, we wish for every couple who goes through a pregnancy crisis to have the opportunity to make an informed decision about their situation by taking in consideration the possible consequences and alternatives to abortion. We hope their decision would honor them.

As there is a growing number of teenagers who, by having premarital sex, expose themselves to unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections and all the resulting emotional imbalances, we deliver abstinence-based programs. We strive to bring to their attention all the implications that a premarital sexual relationship would entail and motivate them to make healthy and sound decisions with regards to their sexual intimacy.

We aim to fulfill our vision through various activities such as: one-to-one and “closed” group counseling sessions, educational programs for young people, medical assistance and resources for pregnant women and organization of pro-life events in the community.